Name: La-Kesha Lake
Degree: BA in Psychology 2005
College: Clark Atlanta University
Certifications: CPR/First Aid

My name is La-Kesha Lake born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. In Detroit, I graduated from a Performing Arts high school where I professionally played the violin and cello. I found a passion in counseling thru music and the arts. Music was a way to freely express myself and for others around me. After graduating from the Detroit School for the Fine and Performing Arts in June of 2000, I attended Clark Atlanta University for psychology. I obtained my BA in Psychology in 2005 from Clark Atlanta University.

Over the past 10 years I have experienced working with children and adults with special needs in the school system and state hospitals in Michigan and Georgia. I have assisted Program Directors in recruiting exciting and creative individuals to work in their healthcare center. I continue to have a great passion to provide affective cognitive, language, gross motor, mental and developmental skills for families and their children as a Mental Health Specialist. I am currently the Director of Operations for Ducere Investment Group, which is a marketing consulting firm for multiple healthcare agencies which provides CORE mental health services to the community.